Monday, July 2, 2012

to the Zoo...

...or the 'Loo', as Maecy likes to call it. We took a trip up to Minnesota to visit Steve's sister Angie, and our only "planned" event was a visit to the Zoo. We opted for the Como Zoo and it was perfect. The whole day really was! M had the best time and was so excited at every single stop.  It's been over a week, and she is still talking about the monkeys that were sleeping ('shhhh'). 

We also hit up the local playground and it turned out to be just the right size for M to explore.

 the girl loves her slides!

 'dinosaur train'

 trying out the 'big girl' swing, but it didn't last long


Finally, before we headed out of town we spent a day with my Aunt Kris, who also lives around the cities. We had another gorgeous day and were able to get out on the boat and enjoy her fabulous backyard!


And if you are wondering...M was a rockstar during our 5+ hours  in the car! I was totally dreading it, but she proved me wrong. I guess that means we will be back for a visit soon! Love and thanks to all in the Mpls area! :)

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Spring Catch up! March, April, May

So I am obviously NOT a blogger. But I had a little time so I thought I would do some fun  updates since I last posted. I guess it is a good thing that my New Year's Resolution was not to be better about updating this thing!

Maecy is almost 20 months old...where does the time go?!?!? I have had a number of friends that have had babies recently, and they are so tiny, and I just can't remember M being so small, but at the same time, it just doesn't seem possible that over a year and a half has passed.

18 month photos - take 2

She is such a fun girl. I would definitely describe her as outgoing and a little social butterfly. She greets everyone she sees in the neighborhood, stores, etc, and will often blow kisses to complete strangers. She loves to go shopping, and even knows we are going shopping before we hit the mall parking lot.

She definitely has a temper at times, and will slowly "throw" herself on the ground in a pseudo-tantrum, but ignoring them has been effective and they don't occur very often. She will hit at mom and dad, but for the most part, she plays pretty well with others. There are a couple of babies at daycare, and M just LOVES them! She gives them hugs and kisses before leaving at the end of the day.

Maecy loves to be outside - playing in the sandbox, drawing on the side walk, riding in her new bike trailer! Sometimes it is a battle to get in her in the house, but luckily she loves bath time just as much, and a bath is usually necessary by the time we get done outside!

Reading with the neighbor boy, Wyatt
 In the sandbox...sometimes for an hour at a time!

 Maecy LOVED the trampoline, and has since started 
using our bed as substitute

 Horse ride at the campground

Trying out the new bike trailer, she is not 
fond of the helmet, but kept it on!

She has become quite the little artist. Maecy loves to draw, color, paint , chalk, etc. Her favorite things to make are puppies, busses, and suns. One night she sat in her chair for an hour and colored pictures. I don't think I would have the attention span to do that!

 Aqua doodle - best thing EVER!

She wasn't sure about painting with her fingers at  first...

...but she obviously got over it!

Paint in a bag - definitely easier clean up!

Just some coloring before dinner!

She is about 28 lbs, and 32-33" tall. She continues to be a great eater - loves almost all veggies, fruit, beans, bread, granola bars, cheese, yogurt, etc. Not a huge fan of meat, but she will try a few bites at each meal usually. She is quite the talker - beginning to put 3 word sentences together and pretty easily understood. She amazes me with some of the words she uses, making me wonder "where did you learn that?" She is a great sleeper and most days lets me know when its nap time and bed time by finding her lovey and saying "night night". It doesn't get much easier than that!!

We are planning a trip to the zoo this summer, and I can't wait to see her reaction when she gets to see all the animals she loves in her books. I will plan to post pics from that trip on here as well!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

Well, I guess November got by me! Oh well - on to my favorite time of the year...Christmas lights, Christmas trees, cookies, shopping, wrapping presents, etc.  You can't help but be in a good mood during this month. We got our tree up Thanksgiving weekend, and Maecy was mesmerized - she "checks in" a few times a day and likes to grab candy canes off the tree. I knew it would be impossible to enforce a "no touch" rule, so we are just trying to leave the "pretties" on the tree. So far, it is going pretty well!

 Checking out the Christmas lights!

I am also excited to see how much more she will enjoy Christmas this year with our family. My Grandma still has "Santa Claus" come to her house. The great grand kids get the biggest kick out of it. They sing songs and say their prayers before Santa hands out presents. I am anxious to see how Maecy does with this "stranger" because last year she was pretty much unaware of what was going on or who was even holding her...

Wow, she has changed A LOT in a year!

It has been hard to buy gifts for her this year...a couple outfits, a couple pairs of shoes, a few books...I think she is at a tough age where she isn't really into "baby toys" anymore, but she isn't quite ready for all that fun toddler stuff either.  Oh well, her toys of choice at the moment are a measuring cup and spoon. She just carries them as she does laps around our house. I swear the girl NEVER sits down! 

Measuring cup and spoon - all you need for fun!

 Under the table playing "peekaboo"

Monday, October 17, 2011

Playing with the pumpkins!

Usually Friday night rolls around and Steve and I are exhausted...meaning take out food and vegging out on the couch after Maecy is in bed.  This Friday night was different, and so much more fun! We decided to try carving a pumpkin with Maecy's help.  I wasn't sure how she would respond to all the slimy grossness that makes up the inside of a pumpkin, but she was just like any other curious it up to her elbows! :)

 Ignore the polka-dots...we had high hopes of being creative...maybe next year!

 Had to have a little taste!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Fun with Aiden

Maecy got to play with her cousin Aiden this weekend, and they had a blast! We got them dressed up in their Halloween costumes and took some pictures.  They were too cute! Maecy is going to be a bumblebee and is OBSESSED with her costume.  Aiden is going to be a dragon, and he is adorable!

We also took a few other pictures of them together and these are the sneak previews that I got from Chris! Thought I would share.

Maecy loved being outside and wandering around the farm. By Sunday she was reaching in to pet the horses and chasing the dogs around the yard. She is going to be quite the little go-getter!

Friday, September 23, 2011

One year pictures


One year!

I have been very neglectful of my blog! I am a bad blogging mommy, but I do take a ton of pictures to make up for it! We have hit some major milestones since I last posted back in June. Maecy is a little busybody - she has been walking since about 10 1/ 2 months but hasn't quite mastered the hilly backyard. She loves to be outside playing with the dog, in her sandbox, or on the swing.  She has a little chair in the backyard and she has been practicing getting in and out of it on he own. Little Miss Independent!

We had quite the birthday party for her the weekend of the 17th. She did awesome considering the number of people (and the very short nap in the morning). We had friends and family over for lunch and then opened presents and ate some cake.  I am pretty sure Maecy's favorite part was the wagon rides with her friend Cade and cousin Aiden. I think it was safe to say that fun was had by all, and Maecy was wiped out after it was all over!
 She loved all the balloons!

Look Whoo's One! 

 Enjoying a cupcake! She ate every last bit!

Proud Mommy and Daddy

Thanks to everyone who made Maecy's day so special!